Research of target group in partners’ environment in the field of unemployment, labour market and educational opportunities for unemployed (PDF)

Research is a part of E-Guidelines of best practices of learning activities for the unemployed.

One of the public libraries aims is to reduce through innovative learning practices the number of less educated unemployed and to promote using ICT with new and innovative learning methods.

Seven public libraries tried through the use of innovative practices and methods, raise the competences of unemployed to reduce the number of less educated unemployed (especially on the field of ICT) and to strengthen connection between education and labour market. Learning activities are free of charge in public libraries, which enables democratic access for marginalized people.

Seven partners’ libraries carried out Research (PDF) from November 2014 to January 2015. With this research it laid the foundations to form both training course for librarians who work with unemployed and for learning and motivating activities for unemployed.

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